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SACCMA Working Groups

To promote networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration, SACCMA will host several Working Groups with specific focus on the different technologies and fields within SACCMA.

These Working Groups are informal with predominantly virtual meetings/discussion, and must be initiated by members themselves and members with similar research interests.

SACCMA will only serve as a platform to administrate and promote these Working Groups.

Anyone interested in forming and/or joining a Working Group can contact SACCMA for assistance.

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Working Group 1:
CelVivo ClinoStar user group

This group is focused on current and future users of the CelVivo ClinoStar systems.


Group administrator: Prof Chrisna Gouws

(Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences, North-West University, South Africa)

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Working Group 2:
Animal cell culture for conservation & food production

This group is focused on the use of animal cell culture for alternative applications, including conservation and food production.

Group administrator: Dr Paul Bartels

(WildBio, Pretoria, South Africa)

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