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for Advanced

Cell Culture Modelling for Africa

The Society for Advanced Cell Culture Modelling for Africa (SACCMA) is a profes-sional network of researchers with an interest in creating and using specialized and advanced cell-based models, bio-engineering, bioprinting and stem cell cultures to address developmental questions, study disease initiation and development, treatment screening and cell biology.


9 - 11 October 2023


South Africa

Registration closes 

22 September!!!

SACCMA is a non-profit organisation where membership fees contribute solely to maintaining the society.
Three different types of membership are available, each with its own benefits and annual fee (2023/2024):

  • Full: R300 /annum

  • Students: R150 /annum

  • Corporates: R1000 /annum

Membership runs from 1 March to

28 February, and must be renewed yearly.

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