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Cancer cells in a 3D Spheroid structure from a study by Prof Chrisna Gouws, NWU

The Society for Advanced Cell Culture Modelling for Africa (SACCMA) is a professional network of researchers with an interest in creating and using specialised and advanced cell-based models, bio-engineering, bio-printing and stem cell cultures to address developmental questions, study disease initiation and development, treatment development and screening, as well as cell biology.

The purpose of SACCMA is to establish collaborations, exchange knowledge and to share resources to advance expertise in the field of cell culture models in the African context.

The SACCMA 2022 Conference takes place from 9 to 12 October 2022 in Potchefstroom on the Campus of the North-West University.. Researchers, Postdoctoral fellows, Postgraduate students and technicians in the fields of advanced cell culture modelling and related fields will all benefit from this conference and the networking opportunities that attending this conference will present. It will also be an ideal opportunity for companies in the industry to showcase their various products and technologies in the fields of Cell biology, Cell culture, Proteomics, Molecular biology, 3D bioprinting, Cell scaffolds. 3D Cell culture technology, Microscopy, and Cell imaging. Meet the Organising Committee:

Prof Chrisna Gouws Prof Wener Cordier Dr Janine Scholefield

Dr Iman van der Bout Dr Clarissa Willers Apart from keynote talks by industry experts included in the SACCMA 2022 Conference program, the organising committee is very exited about the Zeiss workshop which will be presented by Prof Ben Loos from the University of Stellenboch and Dr Soren Prag from the Carl Zeiss Microscopy in Germany.

The organising committee is looking forward to welcome interested parties at the conference in Potchefstroom in October.

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