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Separations will present two parallel workshop sessions on the 10th October 2023.

Session 1: Advanced 3D Cell Models: A Beginner's Workshop
The Advanced 3D Cell Models Workshop will provide participants with a understanding of advanced 3D cell culture and bioprinting technologies. The workshop will cover scaffold-free and scaffold-based methods, and feature demonstrations of various technologies. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the advantages of 3D cell models over traditional 2D culture and learn about the practical applications of these technologies.

Topics featured:

  • Introduction to advanced 3D cell models

  • Scaffold-free 3D cell culture 

    • CelVivo ClinoStar demonstration

  • Scaffold-based 3D cell culture using 3D bioprinting

    • BIOX (extrusion-based) demonstration 

    • BIONOVA X (light-based) demonstration 

  • Applications of 3D cell culture & 3D bioprinting

Session 2: 3D Cell Imaging Workshop: Advancements and Applications 
This workshop focuses on advancements and applications in 3D cell imaging. Participants will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and challenges associated with capturing and visualising 3D models. We will explore cutting-edge technologies for high-resolution imaging and the role of artificial intelligence, emphasising their potential to enhance 3D imaging capabilities. Hands-on demonstrations will be conducted using the Leica MICA or THUNDER, as well as the Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico. The session will conclude with a panel discussion and Q&A session, allowing for a collaborative exploration of 3D imaging experiences within the community.

Topics featured:

  • Fundamentals & Challenges of 3D Cell Imaging 

  • Advancements in 3D Imaging and Resolution 

  • Leica MICA

  • Leica THUNDER

  • Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico

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